Shopping at San Marino Outlet Experience is something you can’t miss.

If you are citizen and resident in a EU Country or in a Non-EU Country, you can benefit from an immediate tax discount upon payment at the store’s cashier.

Thanks to this procedure, you won’t have to pass through the “Tax Refund” offices before they leave, avoiding long lines and bureaucracy delays. You will enjoy a true VIP shopping experience!

Just follow these simple indications:

A purchase in each store can include also different products, with varying value, and must be equal or exceeding €258.23 discount net;

Payment must be done with a credit card in the purchaser’s name, issued in another Country;

The shop keeper must ask for a copy of the passport, from Non-EU Countries*, or a copy of the passport of ID card for EU Countries*, along with a copy of both sides of the credit card used for the payment.

Guests from EU Countries* can enjoy an immediate discount of 5%, while guests from Non-EU Countries* a 15% discount.

*except for Italian and San Marino citizens and residents.