What is the SHOPPING CARD?

The SHOPPING CARD is an advantage card proposed by The Market San Marino Outlet Experience that lets the holder take advantage of promotions offered by both shops at the Outlet and other participating establishments.

Promoter: The Market OpCo Srl – Strada degli Angariari 46 – 47891 Falciano – Republic of San Marino

Phone: +378 054 996 3913, e-mail address info@themarket.sm

  1. Definitions
    1. For the purposes of these Rules, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
  2. Personal data: Any information that, when linked to a natural person, would identify, or make it possible to identify that person
  3. Card: The SHOPPING CARD advantage card
  4. Welcome Lounge: Advantage card information and registration point
  5. Participating establishments’ Flyer: Welcome Lounge section identifying the shops participating in the promotion from time to time
  6. Outlet: San Marino Outlet Experience
  7. Customer:  Outlet customer having signed the card membership contract
  8. Participating shops: Shops at the Outlet participating in Card promotions
  9. External establishments: Shops/establishments outside the Outlet offering advantages to CARD holders
  • 2.        Purpose of the Rules
    • These Rules govern registration to the CARD offered by the Outlet. After registering and activating the CARD, the Customer will receive the following services:
      • Promotions provided by both participating shops at The Outlet and participating external establishments listed in the Flyer near The Outlet management offices
      • Internet access via the free Wi-Fi network provided by The Outlet
      • Information on promotions/events organised directly at The Outlet
    • Moreover, after granting separate and explicit consent, the Customer can decide to transfer their personal data to the data controller of individual participating shops (transfer to third parties) in order to receive all the information on promotions and commercial offers directly from them via e-mail or text message (direct marketing from third parties). This is optional, and non-acceptance does not prevent registration to the CARD.
  • Personal data processed
    • Customers wishing to participate in Outlet promotions and activate the CARD must provide the following personal data to authorised management personnel: first and last name and e-mail address. This personal data is required to activate the CARD and participate in promotions at The Outlet.
  • Card duration
    • The CARD may be activated for one day and will enter into force immediately upon customer’s registration and activation.
  • Card ownership
    • The CARD is a personal advantage card owned by the Customer who registers and activates it. The Customer’s first and last name and the validity start date are shown on the back of the card, so it cannot be transferred to third parties. The CARD will be withdrawn immediately if used by anyone other than the registered holder.
  • Shopping Card Activation
    • The CARD may be activated only by persons having reached the age of majority.
    • Furthermore, the CARD may be activated through the devices at the Welcome Lounge of The Outlet, where authorised management personnel will complete all necessary formalities.
  • Card advantages
    • When the CARD is activated, an additional 10% discount will be applied to The Outlet price directly by the retailer at the time of purchase, excluding sale or promotional items. At the time of purchase, the retailer will apply the 10% (ten per cent) discount to the Outlet price in the form of an immediate discount.
    • All information on discounts, products, participating shops and participating external establishments will be updated regularly and made available at the Welcome Lounge, and/or for downloading via QR Code and/or on the SAN MARINO OUTLET EXPERIENCE website.
  • Shopping Card terms of use
    • To receive the promotions and/or commercial offers at the time of purchase, the Customer must show the CARD to the retailer before the receipt is issued.
  • Customer obligations
    • As the holder of the CARD, the Customer is required to:
      • ensure that their first and last name, and the validity date are printed correctly on the back of the card and are clearly legible; if any of this information is absent and/or unclear, the participating shop and/or external establishment is required to refuse the CARD
      • request replacement of the CARD at the Welcome Lounge if the Card does not work correctly and/or if any of the personal data on it is unclear or incorrect
      • immediately report loss and/or theft of the CARD at the Outlet Welcome Lounge, so that a duplicate can be issued
    • The Customer must present a valid form of ID should a participating shop expressly request it.
    • The advantage card will be withdrawn if it is shared with third parties. The card may be withdrawn by representatives of management, Welcome Lounge staff or the staff of participating shops.
  1. Applicable law –  Jurisdiction
    1. These terms and conditions of use are subject to San Marino law. In the event of any dispute, the Court of the Republic of San Marino shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  1. Personal data processing policy
    1. We inform you that personal data collected in the context of these Rules is processed in compliance with national (Law 171/2018) and European personal data protection legislation. The data controller is The Market OpCo S.r.l., which should be contacted to exercise your rights, by writing to privacy@themarket.sm or by contacting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) PRIVACY365 s.r.l. in  writing at dpo@privacy365.sm.